Front Body Chest Width Armhole Depth
XS 171/4 in.44 cm 165/8 in.42 cm 7 in.18 cm
S 18 in.46 cm 173/8 in.44 cm 71/4 in.18 cm
M 181/4 in.46 cm 181/2 in.47 cm 8 in.20 cm
L 185/8 in.47 cm 19 in.48 cm 81/8 in.21 cm

Cashmere Knit V-Neck Vest

Style RFK382

This Cashmere Knit V-Neck Vest is a layering essential that we all need in our closets. This style is knit in the U.S.A. with baby cashmere wool, the ultimate premium fibre that is derived and collected humanely from the kid cashmere goat of 3-12 months. Baby Cashmere is noticeably warmer and softer than even the best traditional cashmere, making this an essential wardrobe staple during cool days. Layer for extra warmth or wear with a light t-shirt during warmer days.

This premium knit garment is knit in the U.S.A. by workers earning a fair wage.

• Womens
• Made in U.S.A

100% Cashmere

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