Our Values

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1. We Are Passionate About
Doing Things Differently

We are contrarians, deeply focused on sustainability and efficiency in order to advance the interests of our customers, our workers, our shareholders, the community, and the world.

2. Living Wages

All of our workers earn a living wage, with our starting employees making an average of $20 an hour. The garment workers at our factory are experts in their field and can make up to $35 an hour with productivity bonuses in a safe and ethically managed environment. #SweatshopFree

Living Wages

3. Highly Trained

Our employees work together as a family, blending classic production methods with advanced technology and contrarian thinking to create high-quality garments that are both sustainable and durable. Many of the people on our team have been with Dov for ten years or more.

Vertically Integrated

4. A Commitment to Create Jobs

We are growing and strive to continue to grow. We intend to employ thousands of workers in the Los Angeles area and set an example of how the garment industry can return to the United States. We believe in local manufacturing from both an efficiency and an ethical point of view. #madeinusa #southcentral.

A Commitment to Create Jobs

5. Vertically Integrated

We control our manufacturing from start to finish. We rarely subcontract and we never use any off-shoring. This ensures our quality and sets our standard. This is our commitment to our customers

Vertically Integrated

6. We Support Domestic Farmers and The Domestic Yarn Industry

We strive to buy textile and yarn products made in the United States to support domestic manufacturing. Over half of our yarn consumption will be derived from domestic sources. A strong domestic industry is good for our company’s financial viability in the long run. It helps us serve the interests of our customers, is good for the health of the domestic and continental manufacturing base, and ultimately is good for the environment by reducing the impact of our supply chain’s carbon footprint.

We Support Domestic Farmers and The Domestic Yarn Industry

7. Environmentally-friendly Sourcing

We strive to integrate the following to our supply chain: 1. Environmentally friendly grown cotton or organic cotton. 2. Recycled or reclaimed cotton.

8. Sustainability

We continue to lead the charge on ethical production practices and nearly 100% of our production and shipping by-products are recycled — including our scrap fabric, paper, boxes, plastic and everything that goes into manufacturing garments. We are consistently developing new products that use our leftover and scrap fabric to create one of a kind and limited edition pieces and finding new ways to upcycle damaged or dated garments. California has the most stringent environmental protection rules imposed by the industry in dyeing. By dyeing and finishing all of our textiles or garments in California, you are assured our fabric processing is environmentally friendly.

9. Quality Basics

We are committed to eliminating the trend of fast fashion within our industry, instead focusing our efforts on producing high-quality pieces that will last you for years and play a versatile role in your wardrobe. We develop our products with comfort, function, durability and sustainability as key concepts for timelessly effortless pieces to incorporate into your day to day.

10. We Support Free Trade

We are not nationalists. We support worldwide free trade. We believe we can compete globally and still produce value for our customers while remaining true to our sustainability and efficiency commitment. We want to sell our products to the world and we understand the importance of other countries having access to our market.