Our Values

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1. We Are Passionate About
Doing Things Differently

We are contrarians, deeply focused on sustainability and efficiency in order to advance the interests of our customers, our workers, our shareholders, the community, and the world.

2. Living Wages

We strive to pay our workers a living wage and we support the fight for $15 an hour.

Living Wages

3. Employee Ownership

Our workers will own equity in our company making us employee owned.

Vertically Integrated

4. A Commitment to Create Jobs

We intend to employ thousands of workers in the Los Angeles area and become the leading player in U.S. clothing manufacturing. We believe in local manufacturing from an efficiency and an ethical point of view.

A Commitment to Create Jobs

5. Vertically Integrated

We rarely subcontract cutting and sewing so that we can control quality. This is part of our commitment to our customers. This also helps develop the lives and enhance the lives and skill level of our workers.

Vertically Integrated

6. We Support Domestic Farmers and The Domestic Yarn Industry

We strive to buy textile and yarn products made in the United States to support domestic manufacturing. Over half of our yarn consumption will be derived from domestic sources. A strong domestic industry is good for our company’s financial viability in the long run. It helps us serve the interests of our customers, is good for the health of the domestic and continental manufacturing base, and ultimately is good for the environment by reducing the impact of our supply chain’s carbon footprint.

We Support Domestic Farmers and The Domestic Yarn Industry

7. Environmentally-friendly Sourcing

We strive to integrate the following to our supply chain: 1. Environmentally friendly grown cotton or organic cotton. 2. Recycled or reclaimed cotton.

8. We Recycle

We plan to recycle almost 100 percent of our waste by 2018. We also use advanced manufacturing to reduce waste by products during our production process.

9. Environmentally-friendly Dyeing and Finishing

California has the most stringent environmental protection rules imposed on the industry of dyeing. By dyeing and finishing almost all of our textiles or garments in California, you are assured our fabric processing is environmentally friendly.

10. We Support Free Trade

We are not nationalists. We support worldwide free trade. We believe we can compete globally and still produce value for our customers while remaining true to our sustainability and efficiency commitment. We want to sell our products to the world and we understand the importance of other countries having access to our market.