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  • Imperfect - Assorted
  • Imperfect - Assorted
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6.5oz Garment Dye Crew Neck T-Shirt (Imperfect)

Style IMP1801

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Imperfect 1801

Not everything passes our quality control process. But we believe that even imperfect garments deserve love.
These shirts may have slight imperfections such as:
• Small Holes
• Color Variation
• Minor Marks
• Off-Spec Stitching
But these imperfections are what make them unique. They're a reminder that every garment is handmade, and that no two shirts are exactly alike.
Knitted, cut, sewn, and dyed in Los Angeles, California.
This product is sold as is and cannot be returned or exchanged.
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This product is commonly referred to as the 1801GD.

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