Shipping Options


How will my order be shipped to Europe? 

Your order will be processed in Los Angeles within 2 days.

We pick, pack and ship your order, along with many other orders, from our factory in Los Angeles to Germany. In Germany, your order will be imported and customs cleared by our German branch and then provided with our parcel service, UPS and a valid UPS tracking number and sent to your home.

The total delivery time from Los Angeles to your home is usually 7-10 days. Here we are dependent on the customs clearance and the transit time of our freight provider.

Your package will be delivered in Germany within 24 hours.
Within other EU Countries 24-48 hours. 

Countries that are not in the European Union may be subject to additional import duties and taxes. For more information contact your local customs office.

How can I change my shipping address?

It may be possible to change your European recipient address within 48 Hours of placing your order. Please email us at and we will adjust your recipient address if possible.