Contrast Crossback One Piece

Style RNT102

Our two-tone, Contrast One_Piece Bathing Suit plays with complimentary colors for a fun and vibrant look for the pool or the beach. In the mid 1600s, Sir Issac Newton first invented the modern color wheel and the concept of complimentary color pairings during his study of visible light. Complimentary colors when mixed cancel each other out and produce a grey scale color that falls between pure white and pure black. These color block principles are very basic and can be seen on opposing sides of the color wheel. The crossback design and curvy, low back keep this style sexy in the back. This style is fully lined with a seamless finish at the top. Made by experienced seamstresses earning living wages in South Central, Los Angeles.

• Machine Washable
• Made in U.S.A.

80% Nylon / 20% Elastane

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