Cowhide Drawstring Bag

Style CWLTR002

We used durable cowhide to make a beautifully slouchy bag that can be worn as a purse, wristlet, or backpack. This adaptable bag epitomizes casual California elegance and looks just right in just about any setting; from a night out to a stroll in the park.

The leather cords can be tied or cut to the wearer_ preference. The toughness of cowhide results in a more structured look, that will soften over time with wear. You might also _assage the leather to speed up the wearing process and soften it. Steel eyelets were used at the cord openings to provide reinforcement. If you like this bag but prefer a delicate look, you might prefer LMBLTR001, the Lambskin Drawstring Bag.

This product is made of genuine leather. All scars are characteristics of the skin and not imperfections. We hope you enjoy this unique handmade object.

• Metal eyelets at the cord openings provide strap reinforcement. 
• Leather cords can be tied and untied. 
• Spot clean only with leather cleaner.
• Made in U.S.A.

• 9 X 10"

100% Cowhide

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