T-Shirt 5-Pack (3 White | 2 Black)


Tell us your size and we'll do the rest._

This 5 -Pack of T-Shirts consists of 3 white tees and 2 black tees.__

We believe_the 1801GD will cause a thematic shift in the T-shirt industry._Made of 100% domestically grown, USA cotton, this textile is beefy, durable, and absorbent, and is virtually shrink free as a result of garment dyeing.

The_T-shirt is washed with natural enzymes._ This results in a broken-in feel, just like a T-shirt that was washed or worn for a decade or two._Its special features include its heavy and sturdy feel and combined with a more generous fit (about 1 wider on the flat than a contemporary T-shirt) and higher neckline._

When you buy this pack, you are supporting_jobs and manufacturing_in South Central, Los Angeles._We believe in highly trained,_experienced sewers who earn an average of $20 an hour, plus benefits and overtime.