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Color: Dark Brown
Model Specs: Sofia is 5'5 wearing size S

Ultra Heavy Knit Ribbed V Neck Dress

Style RFK226

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CHF 138.00
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This form fitting ribbed dress was knit with three times more elastic than the RFK50 Ultra Heavy Knit Cropped Top to ensure that it always snaps back and hugs every curve. The front and back feature V neck lines, with the back V plunging slightly deeper.

Designed to make sure all eyes in the room are on you. Pair it with a top and tights in cooler weather.

Note: Due to the weight of this garment, we recommend folding when storing instead of using a hanger.

Fully Fashioned is the term used to describe the process in which each garment is shaped using special stitches that make lines and loops that either shrink or grow depending on where more length is needed, similar to the process of hand knitting but done by a knitting machine for commercial purposes. During this knitting process each individual piece of the garment is knit so that it is made with no extra fabric, eliminating waste. At the end of the knitting process each piece is linked together. The linking machine requires a skilled human operator, a dying art due to skills not being passed down to new generations. The operator is in charge of manually loading all of the knitted loops onto the machine for linking, a process that takes a lot of time and patience. Labor costs are higher but yarn wastage is low and each garment emulates the craft process of a hand knit garment. Being in LA , where rents and wages are much higher than overseas competitors has resulted in the dwindling workforce of the domestic knitting industry. We hope that with your purchase of our fully fashioned knit pieces that we can continue to support this art domestically.

• Knit in the U.S.A
• Form Fitting
• 90s Inspired Rib
• Cotton Acrylic Blend

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